Do you remove the entire surface?
Depending on the amount of de-lamination that is present in the pool. Most of all of the existing surface is removed.
How thick is the new surface applied?
Once the wanding and acid wash is complete, 3/8″ is the approximate thickness of the new surface.
Do we need to have waterline tile or can we bring the pool surface up to the deck?
The pool surface must be submerged, so there must be a waterline tile. When resurfacing your pool, it is the ideal time to update your tile, though in many circumstances it is not necessary.
Do we need a permit to resurface our pool?
Several factors will determine whether or not a resurface will need a permit. Most residential resurfaces do not need a permit, however other work, such as heater replacement will require the proper paperwork. Also, a small part of Sarasota requires a permit to perform a resurface. Commercial pool work does require a permit to be pulled.
What areas do you service?
We cover the area from Naples to Bradenton.
What equipment services do you offer?
We can install equipment ranging from filters, pumps, lights, automation systems, deck jets.
What is offered in work for accessories?
Accessory work covers Water features, spillways, water bowls and fire bowls.
What is WetEdge?
WetEdge is our manufacturer of pool finishes. They offer the highest quality materials with 7 different product lines and multiple finish types.
How long after we sign the proposal do you typically start?
Depending on the services you are requesting, for example, pavers may take up to 4-6 weeks for delivery. Tile and resurfacing would be able to start about the same week or so after you sign the contract.
How long will it take to remodel my pool?
1-2 weeks
Do I need to be home?
No, we send pictures as requested and keep you updated with the progress of your pool project.
Once I am ready to proceed, what is the process?
Once you have worked out the details of your project, you will be sent a contract to sign. Upon signing the contract, you will get a deposit invoice which must be paid before your project is handed off to the production team. If your project includes milestone (progress) payments, then those invoices are Due Upon Receipt and will hold up the next stage(s) of your project if unpaid.
Do you offer refunds?
Since our core business is providing services, there are no refunds once work has started, is in progress, or is finished. If you have questions or concerns regarding any portion of your project, it is best to start with your assigned Project Manager who will work with you to answer those questions or rectify any concerns.
What if I sign a contract, pay a deposit, no work has started and I change my mind and want to cancel?
You have 3 days from the date of a contract signing to cancel your project and receive a full refund of any paid deposits. Refunds of deposits are issued by check and can take up to 30 days to receive.
Are there Financing Options?
We work with Lyon Financial to help cover the cost of your dream pool. Contact us to learn more.

Care & Warranty Information:

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